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Hi, I’m Mike O’Reilly… I was fortunate to rejoin the crew at the VIBE in November 2015!  I was in San Diego the last few years, but KC has always been my home.  I grew up here, my entire family is here!  I started on the air in ‘97 on this very station while I was working part time at a lumber company in Liberty!  I did the night show hosting the “All Request Party with Mike & Shorty.” Basically I grew up on the air here in Kansas City.  I went to Liberty High School with a lot of you, I love BBQ, fast cars, definitely the Royals, the Chiefs & new music!   My wife & I also have a crazy little Yorkie puppy (he’s 7 but he still looks like a puppy) named Farley and a new rescue yorkie/something (we’re not really sure) named Oona.  Both pretty much run things in our house!  Catch me on the air weekdays 3p-7p (cst) or on social!

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SZA Clothing line

SZA’s new mission!!

So SZA’s giving back!  She’s launching a new clothing line and ALL the proceeds go to help clean up oceans.  Read more HEREMORE

Selena _Bag_Degisn

Preorders start Aug 14th!

Selena Gomez…of course the face of Coach!  And finally she’s got her hands in the design process.  Starting Aug 14th you can start getting in pre-orders…before everything drops in the stores on Aug 31st!  Get all the details HEREMORE

nick jonas engaged

Nick + Priyanka = ENGAGED!

Nick’s puttin ‘a ring on it!   After two months dating, Nick Jonas & Priyanka are officially engaged.  HERE’S MOREMORE

Chiefs Kingdom flag

See the Chiefs in practice mode today!

  Get a first look at this years team today at 3:30p.  See the entire practice/training camp schedule HERE AND…don’t forget to be listening at 8:30a and 5:30a today (7/26 and tomorow (fri 7/27) for you shot to win pre-season tickets for the Aug 9th game at Arrowhead against the Texans!MORE

Demi Update

**Demi Lovato UPDATE

Love, support and prayers from all over the world are pouring in for Demi Lovato. The latest after yesterday’s OD is that Demi is awake and talking.  Demi’s publicist gave the following statement to People Magazine: “Demi is awake and with her family who want to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers and support.…MORE

Drake – KC date change! NOW FRI AUG 10th

FYI…if you have tickets for Drake July 31st at Sprint Center…the show date has been CHANGED.  The show is now FRIDAY AUGUST 10th at Sprint Center!  Drake is actually going to kick off the tour here in KC FRIDAY AUGUST 31st! Here is the official statement from DRAKE: In order to deliver the high standard…MORE

taylor rain

Even in the pouring rain…Taylor rocked it!!!

The Reputation tour is underway!  Saturday night in New Jersey Taylor didn’t let rain the entire show mess up the night! Don’t forget SEPT 8th she’s here in KC at Arrowhead!  See more HEREMORE

KatherineMcPhee RING

In case you wanted to see Katherine’s Ring!

Curiosity got the best of us here at the VIBE!  Here’s what the ring David Foster gave to Katherine McPhee looks like!!!  Not only is it Amazing…but it’s also pretty special to her for an extra special reason…CLICK HERE to find out!MORE

KimK 500k

$500k for one post on the GRAM!!!!

Ok..I knew celebs can pull in good money talking about things they use…but I had no idea you could pull in $500k for one post on instagram! Read more HEREMORE

twitter VIBE

Have you checked your FOLLOWER count lately??

So if you notice your follower count on twitter dropping…Twitter is blowing out some shady accounts that they’ve locked.  This just happens to be the week those accounts go away for good.  Most of us, the reduction in followers will be pretty minimal.  Here’s the whole story.  Click HEREMORE

Kristen Bell Glovew

FINALLY…the real reason Kristen Bell wears gloves in the pool!

Well…thanks to hubby Dax Shepard…now we know the real reason Kristen wears gloves in the pool…and it makes total sense!!  She doesn’t like the feeling of your finger tips turning pruney after you’ve been in the water for awhile. ok…makes sense!  Read more HEREMORE


Look who spent the 4th together!

So Wolverine, and the Terminator spent yesterday together sort of!  who knew they were work out partners!  Read more if you want HEREMORE


TUESDAY & THURSDAY night next week? Where will U be?


fat heath Yorkie

Meet Fat Heath…the little Yorkie

This is a little Hero YORKIE!  Meet Fat Heath…this A little girl is back home with mom and her family after getting lost in a cornfield for nearly 12 hours, during which her little Yorkie, ‘Fat Heath’ never left her side!  Love this little dude!  Read the whole story HEREMORE


Would you try this??? Broccoli Coffee?

Be honest…would you try this?  READ THIS…then see if you still feel the same?  Personally, i don’t how this is going to mix with my chocolate coffee creamer – Mike OMORE

Nikki Eminem

Wait…what? Nikki & Em!!

#BIGBANK OUT NOW!!!!!! @yg @2chainz @bigsean 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Told’em I met Slim Shady. Bagged a EM!!! 🤑💵💸🤫 A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on May 24, 2018 at 9:47pm PDTMORE

Desparate times I guess…

This guy decided to rip off a Car wash in Florida… he managed to get $849 which is 3396 quarters. Can you imagine how heavy it would be trying to carry those???MORE


June 21st……..2019!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I could I’d go ahead and pre-purchase my Cinetopia tickets now!!! This just totally made my day!  Probably should go ahead and block off June 21st 2019…for a day at the movies for #toyStory4!  FULL STORYMORE


Have you met Gracie????

Tuesday morning was a big morning this week for our friends at the Kansas City Zoo! Teetoo had her baby girl!  Say hello to Gracie!  Read more HEREMORE


I’d probably move if this happened!!!!

There is NO WAY i’d be able to sleep in that bed again!  This is Crazy!!! Not sure how I’m going to get this story out of my head tonight!  Read more if you dare HEREMORE

Taylor Rep

Yes we have tickets all week!!!

Be listening all week (through Friday 12/15) to win ticket to see Taylor Swift!  8:30am, 11;30am and 5:30pm.  She’s in KC next year on Sept 18th! Arrowhead!!!MORE


For that special guy….

If you run out of gift ideas for that special guy in your life…you can always fall back on these!!!  If they have a beard!  Cosmo has more HERE.MORE