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Now it makes sense…

if you want to stay in suspense on how Billie Eilish pulled off walking on walls and the ceiling…don’t watch this!  But there is a really good explanation!MORE


Demi’s $1200 nightly skin care routine

Can you put a price on the perfect skin care routine?  If you’re wondering about Demi Moore’s $1200 nightly skin care routine here it is thanks to Harper’s Bizarre.  Read more HERE on the specifics.MORE


This Saturday you can get into some local Museums for free

If you’ve been wanting to check out some our local museums…this Saturday you can get into some of them for free, BUT there’s one step you have to do first..  KMBC has the whole list and how to register to get in HEREMORE

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OMG…new menu items at ARROWHEAD!

So new food items will be on the menu at Arrowhead this year!  #6…the bacon wrapped pork kabobs look amazing – so do the loaded brisket fries!  Cannot wait for the home opener Sunday.  Here is the full list.  CLICK HEREMORE

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3200 NFL fans have spoken!!!

3200 NFL fans at all agree ARROWHEAD is the 2nd BEST Atmosphere in the NFL.  We only missed #1 by 2 tenths of a point though which is basically a tie with Lambeau Field in Green Bay!  Read more HERE from KMBC. MORE



PAGE SIX just loaded up pictures of the inside of Wendy Williams apartment.  This is the $15k / month apartment she just moved into after the divorce and moving out of her home.  Spoiler alert…it’s AMAZING – CLICK HEREMORE

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Taylor Swift Opens Up About Kim & Kanye…Finally

.@taylorswift13 is our September issue cover star! Read the full profile: — Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine) August 8, 2019 Taylor Swift graces the cover of the September edition of Vogue Magazine and she is STUNNING! She also opened up about the public feud she had with Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West. She said, quote, “A…MORE

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First a sloth…now RED PANDAS!!!

In case you’ve had a bad day…RED PANDAS are the perfect pick me up!!!  The Kansas City Zoo just welcomed Red Panda triplets.  KCTV5 has more HEREMORE


August 18th – Ariana drops her new fragrance

Go ahead and make your plans now to hit up your local Ulta store on Aug 18th…it’s a Sunday.  That’s the day Ariana Grande drops ‘Thank you Next’… the perfume!  MORE HEREMORE

What’s the secret to a long, healthy life? Never get married.

Louise Signore, 107, shared her secret to longevity: I never got married. Louise enjoys playing Bingo, dancing, and staying active. Even though the solo life has been the key to Louise’s longevity, her sister recently turned 102 so genes also play a huge role. Click here to read more.MORE