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Taylor Swift Opens Up About Kim & Kanye…Finally

Taylor Swift Opens Up About Kim & Kanye…Finally

.@taylorswift13 is our September issue cover star! Read the full profile: — Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine) August 8, 2019 Taylor Swift graces the cover of the September edition of Vogue Magazine and she is STUNNING! She also opened up about the public feud she had with Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West. She said, quote, “A…MORE

What’s the secret to a long, healthy life? Never get married.

Louise Signore, 107, shared her secret to longevity: I never got married. Louise enjoys playing Bingo, dancing, and staying active. Even though the solo life has been the key to Louise’s longevity, her sister recently turned 102 so genes also play a huge role. Click here to read more.MORE

Music can help you live a longer, happier life

There was a survey done in the UK that found that people who attend live music events live a longer and happier life. Concerts help produce more positive feelings and lower cortisol in people. The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease did a study that determined Alzheimer patients who listen to music, have more positive moods, sleep…MORE

Lil Nas X has officially become a LEGEND for his song ‘Old Town Road’. The song broke Billboard’s Hot 100 record for longest number 1 in history. The song has spent 17 weeks at the number one spot which means it’s surpassed ‘One Sweet Day’ by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. Mariah showed her…MORE

Tesla is adding Netflix & YouTube Streaming?

Could you imagine being able to watch Netflix and YouTube while “driving” a Tesla? Fasten your seat belts because it’s about to happen. CEO Elon Musk has announced Tesla will “soon” include in-car streaming of YouTube and Netflix. The streams would only be available when the vehicle is stopped. Ability to stream YouTube & Netflix…MORE

‘Making the Band’ is making a comeback!

‘Making the Band’ is making a comeback!

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has announced that he bringing back ‘Making the Band’, Diddy made the announcement via a video on his Instagram account. He said, “he’s happy to be working with the next generation of stars.” The reboot will air on MTV in 2020.MORE

Does swimming count as a shower?

People online are having the ultimate debate; does swimming count as taking a bath? According to a CDC study, 51% of Americans said they use swimming as an alternate to bathing. People call it a summer bath because they think chlorine is more sterile than soap. What say you?? This has to be a joke…MORE