Jordin Silver

Jordin Silver
Saturday’s 5pm-9pm

Filling in for Cassiday while on maternity leave

Top 40 music is my passion, and I’ve spent my life trying to figure out why the songs are so good. I play a bunch of instruments; I’ve studied music and music theory — I’ve even studied music’s psychological effect on emotions; but there still isn’t a cut+dry reason as to why bangers slap so hard. 

This genre of music has created global icons who have literally shaped society, created movements, and inspired people to dig deep within themselves to be proud of who they are! Top 40 isn’t just a genre, it is a constant movement. I am honored to be able to decipher that movement and present it to you here in KC at 95-7 The Vibe. 

Wait, this was supposed to be written about me? I have a cat named Blanche, I live downtown, I was the first person to play Katy Perry on major radio, I’m the biggest Taylor Swift fan on earth, and you can reach out to me anytime if you need anything or just want to talk! 

Now — back to the music!