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    Cassiday was born and raised in the KC area and after doing a multi-year U.S. Tour for radio, she was excited to move back home. She is a proud mom, wife, and loves her friends dearly. Cassiday is always good for three things; the latest celebrity gossip, a restaurant recommendation, and an ear to listen if you ever need someone to talk to. She is an open book and loves sharing the everyday real moments that make life crazy when she is on air. In fact, Cassiday even gave birth to her oldest child LIVE on the radio. (It’s true–you can google it). Cassiday is a proud WSU alumnus–(Go Shockers!) and a huge lover of the fine arts. When Cassiday was growing up, she wanted to work with wild animals…she is now a mom working in radio, and that’s basically the same thing….so she is happy to be living her dream.